• Claire Moffatt

Top 5 Tips For Preparing For Breastfeeding

1. LEARN :

Spend your pregnancy learning as much as you can about breastfeeding before your baby arrives. Take a specialized breastfeeding class, at Grow we do a great comprehensive online class. These classes help you understand how breastfeeding works; gives you tools for success; tools to prevent and manage common pitfalls; and the confidence to get off to a great start.

2. Prepare for a delivery where there is MINIMAL SEPARATION between mom and baby.

Part of your birth plan can include:

· Opting for a natural delivery

· Where this is not possible ask for a gentle c/section where baby is placed in skin-to-skin contact with mom as soon as possible after delivery.

· Room in with your baby.


Communicate your intention to breastfeed with the staff of the establishment where you will deliver your baby. A lactation consultant can help you set up a realistic plan of action around feeding your baby.

4. STOCK UP on your gear for feeding.

Here are some of my favourite essentials

· Feeding Bras (Cherry Melon have some amazing styles and they are soft)

· Breasties (these are your “breast” friends in the first few weeks and for pumping, made by Cherry Melon)

· Front opening PJ'S, make skin-to-skin contact and feeding easy.

· Feeding Camis.

· Your notes from my breastfeeding course!

· A Water Bottle for you!


Get a stash of easy to prepare snacks and freezer meals ahead of time. Flaxeeds, chia seeds, oats, nut butters and frozen berries and bananas are smoothie pantry staples. Smoothies are a quick and easy way of cramming in nutrients with ease. These are for your energy stores, as eating well and staying hydrated gives you the energy you need to be a Mamma.

See my post on Favourite recipes for new mums for some great ideas.