• Claire Moffatt

How to beat pregnancy fatigue

Pregnancy fatigue is a whole other level of tiredness. Your changing hormones and the energy demand from growing a new little human can sometimes leave pregnant moms washed out.

Here are some tips to help keep it at bay:

  1. Relax and rest where you can: You may not always have the luxury of a long afternoon nap but even a 20-minute power nap, a relaxing bath or some breathing exercises can help.

  2. Exercise: It may sound surprising following the advice to rest but doing 30 minutes of exercise a day (even if its broken down into smaller segments) can help fight fatigue as it helps your body to release feel good endorphins (one of your happy hormones). Remember to stick to forms exercise that your body is already familiar with and check with your health care professional first.

  3. Stay hydrated: Getting enough water in a day does wonders for energy levels. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists recommends 8-12 glasses a day.

  4. Eat well: Try avoiding foods that are processed and high in refined sugars. These foods will give you a quick energy spike only to follow up with big energy dip. Rather opt for meals that includes low GI foods, proteins and good fats. These will keep your energy levels sustained.

  5. Prenatal vitamins: take regularly to ensure your body is getting everything it needs especially Iron. Often low Iron levels can be a reason for general fatigue.