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Grow Lactation provides birth and parenting preparation in the form of antenatal classes, follow up home visits and workshops where moms and dads learn the ins and outs about parenthood and breastfeeding. Our services aim to help parents feel comfortable and confident in their new, exciting yet equally daunting role

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I am Claire Moffatt, owner and founder of Grow Lactation. I am a South African Certified Lactation Consultant, registered nurse, midwife with NICU specialty and child birth educator , and a mom to two gorgeous girls. Together with my extensive studies, qualifications and ‘real-life’ experience I started Grow Lactation; a space where moms and dads can ask questions and ‘GROW’ into the best parents they can be! Through our classes, visits and workshops Grow aims to provide reassurance and guidance helping moms and dads fully enjoy the early stages of parenting without feeling overwhelmed.


Our services

hospital visits

Grow offers services in selected hospitals in KwaZulu Natal. During these visits we teach correct latching, management of breasts and provide feeding guidance during the early stages of lactation. We hope to make your time in hospital a comfortable time of learning.

home visits

We provide our services in the comfort of your home. We want moms to feel comfortable and relaxed while we assist with breastfeeding issues, management of milk supply and the monitoring of your baby’s growth and development.


Our workshops aim to help moms and dads get off to the right start. During these workshops, we hope to GROW confident parents by not only teaching but creating an understanding of how breastfeeding works. We aim to manage expectations and help parents be the best they can be with our top tips and a space to engage and ask questions.

gift vouchers

Gift vouchers available for home visits and antenatal classes. An ideal gift for mommy to be! A gift voucher is a great way to support breastfeeding and ensure your loved one gets the best start in their breastfeeding journey. For more information, use the contact info below.


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Grow Lactation 

Email: claire@lactation.co.za

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